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Health and Wellness Chiropractor Testimonials of Chiropractic Medicine Treatment


Caleb is an awesome chiropractor! I love his focus on both the soft tissue and the spine. I am

a Crossfit participant and he understands the sport and what my body needs to feel well. I

have seen an awesome improvement since going to him! I highly recommend Caleb!


After over 20 years of powerlifting and competitive fighting, pain became a staple of

everyday life. I've personally seen my fair share of chiropractors and Dr. Boucher is the first

one that was able to make me feel normal again.


I had an appointment with Dr. Boucher due to lower back pain. The pain was holding me

back from a complete workout. Dr. Boucher was able to identify the issue and relieve the

stiffness that occurs from workout. He takes his time to understand the issue and works to

resolve the problem. I highly recommend Dr. Boucher.


Dr. Boucher was able to fix a displaced rib that had been.bothering me for months within

seconds, bringing me instant relief. Can't ask for better care when visiting his practice.


Caleb is one of my regular stops on keeping myself healthy and rehabbing my body after an

intense workout. He always leaves me feeling fuller and more refreshed than when I stopped

in. With a load of services he will make sure that you get the exact treatment that you need.


Caleb is a master of his craft. I've had chronic lower back pain for awhile now that he has

been able to help lessen through adjustments and cupping. Also recently had a couple of

micro-tears in my rotator cuff that he was able to help with as well. A+++++++


After a couple weeks of dealing with constant shoulder pain, preventing me from complete

workouts and pain while I slept, Dr. Boucher accommodated me with a last minute

appointment. He was able to quickly pinpoint my issue, relieve the pain substantially in my

visit and over the course of a few days, the pain was gone.

He was very thorough in my exam and also gave me some tips on how to alleviate the pain

on my own. I highly recommend Dr. Boucher and plan to visit him regularly.


Dr. Caleb has helped keep me healthy as I pursue my athletic goals. He understands the

demands of many different sports and he does an excellent job of helping athletes to

continue to perform at peak levels.


Shoutout to Dr. Boucher for getting my back right so I can lift properly with ease!
Cupping king!


My back and body have been feeling much better since I started having Dr. Boucher from

Elite Back + Body work on me a few weeks ago. Go see him, he does great work. I’ve been

lifting heavier and trying to grow and his work has definitely helped give some relief from the

stress that causes!


Only the best for my back and joints…Dr. Boucher!


Shout out to Dr. Boucher for cupping me up and making me feel fab!

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